2001 to 2003, Patterson Engineering

Company: Patterson Engineering
: Texarkana, TX

: Engineer & Office Assistant
March 2001 – February 2003

• Provided bookkeeping duties: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Payroll, Human Resources.

• Provided general office duties (Phones, mail, filing, maintenance).

• Assisted with drafting on various projects using CAD v.14 (including water, sewer, road, HVAC, manufactured home foundations).

• Created and edited technical specifications and documentations (bid books/packages, including 24’x36” plans) for contractors/subcontractors, local/city/state/federal officials.

• Administered local, city, state and federal contracts, work order changes, specification changes, etc. for duration of civil projects.

• Provided training and troubleshooting assistance in basic, intermediate and advanced use of hardware & software.

• Tested, evaluated, and recommended hardware and software for use.

• Diagnosed and solved user hardware and software problems.

• Proficient in the use of all new and current hardware and software.


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