2003 to 2005, Brook Mays Music Group

Company: Brook Mays Music Group
: Texarkana, TX & Irving, TX

: Inventory Supervisor

: August 2003 – September 2005

• Responds to requests and normal duties in an efficient manner; prioritizing tasks based on importance to the business.

• Understands the importance of time-critical tasks and meets the deadlines.

• Approaches job-related tasks with an attention to detail that ensures accuracy and thoroughness in the completion of their work.

• Interacts with others in a positive manner; works with others to facilitate the needs of the business through positive relationships.

• Demonstrates the following “characteristics: sensitivity to others, friendliness, candor, trust, etc.”

• Works on an ongoing basis to develop skills that promote efficient and effective production of work.

• Effectively utilizes technology or technical knowledge required for performance of job-related tasks.

• Handles company merchandise in a manner that is above reproach with a focus on loss prevention and follows company procedures for proper inventory movement.

• This includes: accuracy with information; follows correct procedures; properly works Reports.

• Maintains a total shrink (cycle counts, misc. adjustments, and year end inventory) of less than 1.10% of merchandise revenue.

• Consistently maintains warehouse areas in a neat and orderly fashion.

• All merchandise is tagged to company standards with appropriate merchandise identification (i.e. barcode, green tag, etc.).

• Insures that no merchandise is stored or stacked in a way that creates a hazardous environment and warehouse is secured at all times.

• Back doors are always kept locked.

• Ensures that all rental inventory is properly maintained and ready for rental; inspects/conducts proper bar coding of rental returns; assists in stock balancing and rental drive preparations; transfers all rental returns to Asset Center on a weekly basis (unless directed otherwise by Asset Center during peak seasons).

• Proposed a training department to save the company $3.4 million.

• Produced procedure manual for Asset Control Coordinators.

• Revised existing policies for a more streamlined process and trained 13 store personnel on changed procedures; process and report documentation creation for end users.

• PC troubleshooting (software, hardware, networking).

• Supervised up to 13 staff plus RGIS for physical inventory; performed cycle counts and made adjustments; ensured accuracy of store merchandise.

• Inventory management using a Relational DBMS.

Assistance Guide: http://www.4shared.com/file/75055580/382b936a/BMMG53ACCAssistanceGuide.html



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