2015, New Horizons

Company: New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Fort Worth
: Fort Worth, TX
Program: Network System Administrator Professional (NSAP)
Dates: April 2015 – July 2015

  • Completed courses in the Network System Administrator Professional (NSAP) program at New Horizons Computer Learning Center to earn CompTIA Net+, Microsoft MCSA, Cisco CCNP & CCNA certifications (certs in progress)


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Specifications and Standards
    • PATA
    • SCSI
    • USB
    • IEEE
  • Windows OS
    • Administrative Tools
    • Permissions
    • Registry
    • Run Line Commands
  • RAID
  • Networking
    • TCP/IP, IPX, CLNP, OSI, IPv4, IPv6, ports, FQDN, Name Resolution, DNS, DNS Records, NTP, SNMP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, HTTP/S, Telnet, SSH, SMB, RDP
    • Network Types (Client/Server, Peer-to-Peer, Mixed Media)
    • Network Topologies
    • Media Types (copper, twisted pair, fiber optic)
    • Hardware (routers, gateways, firewalls, modems)
    • LAN, VLANs, WAN
    • Custom IP Addressing
    • Routing & Switching (static, dynamic, DHCP, BOOTP, APIPA, packet forwarding, protocols, RIP, RIPv2, OSPF, BGP, IGRP, EIGRP, IS-IS, circuit, packet, virtual, cell)
    • Security
  • Cisco IOS, router commands
  • Windows Server 2012
    • Active Directory Domain Services
    • Domain Controllers
    • PowerShell & Command Line Commands

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